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Columbus: Home to the Best-Tasting Water in Wisconsin

Columbus residents have a lot of reasons to be proud: our historic architecture, beautiful redbud trees, and many local amenities. Now, residents can add “best-tasting water in the state” to the list. At least that’s according to the Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA). On Thursday, April 6, Columbus Utilities was presented the award at the annual WRWA Conference. Columbus was chosen through a taste test of over 15 samples at the association’s annual conference.

WRWA hosted this event in La Crosse, where Wisconsin water technology manufacturers, regulators, operators, contractors, engineers, educators, and many others throughout the state can come together for events, seminars, workshops, and competitions. Columbus Utilities Lead Water Operator, Jake Tanner (pictured on the left above) and Water Operator, Troy Kehoe (shown on the right) accepted the first place award in the drinking water taste test competition.“We are proud of our utility for winning this award for best tasting water,” said Tanner. "We work around the clock to produce this award-winning product, delivered right to our friends and neighbors' sinks, hoses, and showers.”