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Crews will be out flushing hydrants

Columbus Utilities crews are starting their routine yearly flushing program where they are required to flush hydrants throughout the city per the DNR. Where the crews will be flushing there will be water running down the gutter and flowing into the streets. Customers may see some rusty looking water. If this is the case, please remove the screens on your faucets and let the water run until clear. If you have any questions, please call Columbus Utilities at 920-623-5912. Thank you for your cooperation.


Electric Department

The Columbus Electric Utility is composed of four transformer substations and over 60 miles of distribution lines. At the end of 2022, Columbus Utilities served 2,910 electric customers in the City of Columbus and the Townships of Columbus and Elba, with electric sales of 76,282,072 kilowatt-hours. 

Meter Reading

Gone are the days when a utility employee would walk to each and every meter to ‘read the meter’. Columbus Utilities collects usage data from your electric meter with automatic meter infrastructure (AMI). Our data collection devices read your meter from a distance and store that information in a format that is then downloaded into our billing software to help produce your monthly billing statement.

In some cases or during certain times of year, our data collection devices are not able to communicate with your meter to deliver consumption data. In that event, we provide you with an estimated billing statement. That estimate is based on your normal usage history for that time of year. Any difference between the amount actually used and the estimated amount billed is corrected automatically when the next regular meter reading is obtained.  Ultimately, you pay only for the amount of energy actually used.

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