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Crews will be out flushing hydrants

Columbus Utilities crews are starting their routine yearly flushing program where they are required to flush hydrants throughout the city per the DNR. Where the crews will be flushing there will be water running down the gutter and flowing into the streets. Customers may see some rusty looking water. If this is the case, please remove the screens on your faucets and let the water run until clear. If you have any questions, please call Columbus Utilities at 920-623-5912. Thank you for your cooperation.


Energy Assistance

There are plenty of reasons you may need some relief. From the challenges of losing your job to unexpected health issues to rising costs. We can help you find solutions.

The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) helps with heating costs, electric costs, and energy crisis situations. The program uses federal and state funding to support about 225,000 Wisconsin families every year. We all pay into WHEAP, so it’s your money to use if you qualify. No matter how you heat your home (electricity, natural gas, propane, heating oil), or what type of support you need, help is available.

When you qualify for WHEAP, you become eligible for all the programs below. So, to get the most help, apply now!

Electric Assistance

WHEAP electric assistance is a lump sum payment for electric (non-heating) costs between October 1-May 15. The funding can help pay your electric bill, but it will not cover all of your electric costs. The dollar amount is based on household size, income, and total electric costs. In most cases the electric benefit payment is sent directly to your electric utility and appears as a credit on your bill.

Heating Assistance

WHEAP heating assistance is also a lump sum payment provided during the heating season of October 1-May 15. The funding pays a part of the heating costs but won’t cover the entire cost of heating a typical home. The dollar amount is based on household size, income, and total heating costs. In most cases the heating benefit payment is sent directly to your energy supplier and appears as a credit on your bill.

Crisis Assistance

Your household may be eligible for crisis assistance if you have no heat, have received a disconnect notice, or are nearly out of fuel and do not have the money to buy more. If you need immediate help, call your local crisis assistance office, Energy Services, Inc. at 800-506-5596 with a statewide 24-hour customer care center.

Furnace Assistance

WHEAP Furnace Program helps eligible homeowners if their heating system stops working between October 1 and May 15. This program includes payment for repairs, or in some cases, a total replacement of a broken furnace or boiler. In most cases, the furnace program will not reimburse for work that has already been completed. If you do not have heat, immediately call your local weatherization and furnace assistance office, Central Wisconsin Community Action Agency at 920-885-9559 or the statewide 24-hour customer care center at 800-506-5596.

Applying is Easy

Even if you can afford all your bills right now, applying for WHEAP can give your family relief and give you access to emergency programs (like furnace assistance) in the future. Your family may be eligible for WHEAP services and grants based on a few different factors, including your household income, household size and past eligibility.

For more information on WHEAP or with questions about the application process, please call 800-506-5596. Otherwise, get started and apply for your benefits today!