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Crews will be out flushing hydrants

Columbus Utilities crews are starting their routine yearly flushing program where they are required to flush hydrants throughout the city per the DNR. Where the crews will be flushing there will be water running down the gutter and flowing into the streets. Customers may see some rusty looking water. If this is the case, please remove the screens on your faucets and let the water run until clear. If you have any questions, please call Columbus Utilities at 920-623-5912. Thank you for your cooperation.


Focus on Energy Rebates

Focus on Energy partners with Columbus Utilities to deliver real, measurable energy and financial savings for Wisconsin’s residents and businesses. In fact, since 2011 Focus on Energy has delivered more than $1 billion worth of net economic benefits to the state of Wisconsin. 

In partnership with Columbus Utilities, Focus on Energy helps single-family homeowners, renters, and property owners make energy-related improvements to their homes. Programs change regularly, so be sure to check out the link below to see what's new! Currently, residents are eligible for rebates for heating and cooling upgrades, smart thermostats, renewable energy, and more! Residents can even receive BONUS rebates from Columbus Utilities for certain technologies that save electricity (learn more here!). 

Start saving energy and money with Focus on Energy today!