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Residential HVAC Bonus Rebates

Contractor working on HVAC systemMore than half of the energy used in your home can go to space heating and cooling. Making smart decisions about your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems can greatly impact your utility bills and your comfort.

Focus on Energy’s Heating & Cooling Improvements Program offers incentives to customers to install high-efficiency HVAC equipment. 

Bonus Incentive

Residential customers who receive a Focus on Energy rebate for select efficient electrical equipment (natural gas burner/boiler upgrades are not included) are eligible to receive a matching incentive from Columbus Utilities. No forms are required. An incentive will automatically be applied to your account once we are notified of the Focus on Energy rebate. Bonus rebates are available for the following technologies: 

  • Approved smart thermostats
  • Approved heat pumps 

More information about approved technologies can be found here.

Home Energy Assessment Rebate

A Home Energy Assessment is a checkup for your whole home to ensure it's working its very best. The assessment identifies ways to lower energy costs and improve comfort. Columbus Utilities will pay for up to half of the cost of completing a Home Energy Assessment by a certified Focus on Energy trade ally (incentive capped at $300).

Learn more about Home Energy Assessments!

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Air Conditioning Tune-up Rebate

Additional rebates are available through Columbus Utilities for air conditioning unit tune-ups:

A/C Tune up information and application