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Crews will be out flushing hydrants

Columbus Utilities crews are starting their routine yearly flushing program where they are required to flush hydrants throughout the city per the DNR. Where the crews will be flushing there will be water running down the gutter and flowing into the streets. Customers may see some rusty looking water. If this is the case, please remove the screens on your faucets and let the water run until clear. If you have any questions, please call Columbus Utilities at 920-623-5912. Thank you for your cooperation.


Service Forms

Utiltiy Service FormsWhether you need new service or are moving out of town or just moving across the street.
Have questions? Give us a call at 920-623-5912.

Apply for New Service

Welcome to the area! We are pleased to be your utility provider. You can call our office at 950 Maple Avenue Monday through Thursday 7:00 am – 4:30 pm, Friday 7:00 am - 11:00 am to complete a service application. You can also complete the Request for New Service Form.

Change Mailing Address

Occasionally, we know that our customers will want their utility bill sent to an address that is different than their service address. This can be done by calling our office at 920-623-5912. You can also complete the Request to Change Mailing Address Form.

Transfer Service

If you are currently a Columbus Utiltities residential customer and you are moving to another address within our service area, you may transfer your service by calling our office at 920-623-5912. You can also complete the Request to Transfer Service Form.

Terminate Service

If you are moving out of the Columbus Utiltities area and need to close your account with us, please call us at 920-623-5912 to let us know your anticipated termination date. You can also complete the Request to Discontinue Service form.

Report Street Light Outage

We appreciate your assistance in making Columbus a safer place for pedestrians, traffic and the community.

If you see a city street light out, please submit the Street Light Outage form. Columbus Utiltities will take the appropriate action to make sure the light is replaced in a reasonable amount of time.